Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Floor

A year or so ago we found a spot in our kitchen floor was very soft.  Our house is on pier and beam so there is no concrete.  Of course this soft spot was where I stood all the time to cook.  Well, about a month ago it finally was time to get the floor replaced.  The first day they worked, they took out the floor and subfloor, replaced some of the beams and added some boards to a couple of others.  I thought I had taken more pictures of the before work but I guess I didn't.  Here it is down to the dirt under the house.  There is NO WAY in the world that I could ever do this kind of work.  It freaks me out thinking about what could be under the house!! 

About three weeks later they came back out to finish the job.  Now that everything is completed I can take my kitchen table apart and store and put my “new” Hoosier cabinet in its place for some more kitchen storage!!

It is so nice to be able to cook without feeling like I am standing in a hole!!


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