Tuesday, May 31, 2011

School's Out for Summer!!

Oh my goodness. . . . .I never thought that I would be this excited about summer!!  I have spent the last five weeks subbing in a first grade class at my hubster's school.  I will not go into great detail but let's just say that it was the most stressful, difficult, sad job I have had.  I loved the kids but not the discipline problems and the fact that these kids will struggle in school because they have not learned what they needed to know.  But although I am glad that the school year has ended, I am once again unemployed.  Well, that is all for tonight.  I am exhausted and fighting a cold.  Hopefully I can catch you all up on the exciting life I lead!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh My!

Today our high was 99 (average temps for this time of year is the upper 80's).  We are still in extreme drought conditions.  There were two large grassfires around town today.  What are we going to do this summer?

Please pray that we get some rain.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are lucky enough to be Moms. 

I don't care much for today.  I would have been pleased as punch to just skip over it completely.  After church Mr. Giggles and I took flowers and a balloon to Mom's grave after church.  And then told my sweet little boy that I loved him and how much I wish that I was holding him and enjoying spending the day as a Mom instead of looking at his headstone with empty arms.  After we left the cemetery we met Mr. G's parents for lunch along with his sister and brother in law.  Then we went home and didn't do much of anything until it was time for church again.  Now we are home getting ready for the next week.  Hope y'all have a good one.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

From Not Busy to Way Too Much!

Last week was such a busy week for me.  We had Easter lunch with my Dad, my sister RAW and my G-mom P.  We had spent the day with Mr. Giggles family on Saturday and had a huge meal with them.  Last Monday I went with my Dad to my sister's home.  I got to spend a little time with the nephew and niece.  It was just a day trip but it was good to see them.  And since Administrative Professionals Day was on Wednesday I worked on gifts for the ladies at Mr. Giggle's school.  I can't take credit for the gift idea but I can say that it turned out really cute.  I spent at least 2.5 hours separating M&M's (5 big bags) and that wasn't enough so I had to wait until Tuesday afternoon to get some more.  Why did I wait until Tuesday afternoon you ask. . . .well, I started a possible long term sub job (first grade) and Tuesday was my first day.  This day included a field trip with kids and water.  This also included sorting another two bags of M&M's and the creating of the gifts.  I will post a picture.  The next day was another field trip to a pizza place.  Then we met my Dad, RAW, and LEH at Outback to celebrate my Mom's 60th birthday.  Missed her so much that day and everyday.  On to Friday. . . .I planned a Ladies Day for the ladies of our church and we went to the B&B where we were having the event to get things set up.  Once I left there I picked up Mr. G so we could go grocery shopping so I could make my food for the Ladies Day.  Finally went to bed at 3 am and was up at 6.  Had an awesome day with the ladies from church.  I had to stop and put gas in my suburban on the way home.  Nearly died when it cost me $131.64 to fill it up and it wasn't even empty to start with!  Got home and watched some tv with the hubs but fell asleep.  After finishing all of my usual work to get ready for church the next day and crawled back into bed around 12:15.  Sunday was spent running around getting supplies for a reception for our graduating seniors following evening services.  After the errands were run, I made a poster collage for our high school senior and a powerpoint for the three college grads.  Back to church for services and the reception.  And home to get ready for the week.

Yesterday and today were spent teaching.  Well, I say teaching but it is really like trying to be a warden in a prison full of people that just won't stop talking!  Needless to say, tonight I am exhausted!  So, with that being said I am going to get off of here and start getting ready for bed.  Goodnight!

Easter Sunday

Secretarys Day Gift
Another view
Senior Reception Cake


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