Monday, July 29, 2013

God's Beauty

This was the beauty we saw on our way home from church and dinner last night.  Whenever I see something like this it makes me think of my Mom.  And with those thoughts comes so much sadness and joy.  Joy that she is not suffering anymore but so much sadness because she is missing getting to see her grandkids grow up, seeing my Dad continue to adjust to living without her, seeing my Grandmother missing her, and needing her advice and not being able to get it.  I miss you Mom but things like this make me think of you and smile.


Saturday, July 27, 2013


Just wanted to put a few phone pics on here.  They are from vacation and such.  Hope you are having  a great weekend.

Dad's Herefords.
Smoke from the TEEX Fireschool.

Geese on Bob Sandlin Lake.

Lizard in my backyard.

My Dad's "neigh"bors!

Old barn in Arkansas.

Sunset on the way home.

Sabiaco Abbey & Academy in Arkansas @ Sunset

Sunset in Arkansas.

Sunset at Bob Sandlin Lake.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Random's on Thursday

I have been trying to keep up with Jenna’s Commenting Challenge but it is proving harder than I imagined.  Yesterday her topic was pinterest but I am going out on my own since I haven’t really tried much there yet!  Waiting to get a teaching job so I can use some of the awesome ideas for the classroom I have found on there! 

Anyway, I have been taking care of my Dad’s dog Cooper and his cat Boots and this morning someone didn’t heed my warning to get out of the yard and this is the picture I got!  I was also able to sneak up on Coop and get a picture of the big ol’ baby while he was still asleep.  He is such a goober.  This morning I let him out to run around (I have never let him out without Dad being there and I wasn’t sure what would happen but it turned out ok) and he ran straight at me and into me!  Thank goodness I knew what was coming and was able to brace myself.

This summer is going by so fast!  I have been taking professional development classes to keep my teaching certificates current and that has made it go by even faster.  I had my last one yesterday and now all I have left is to finish up a bunch of ours on my own before my certificate expires in October.  I am hoping for an interview at two different schools.  We shall see what happens.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Well, that is all for now.  I have to go find out what the topic is for today’s challenge!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fave TV show/series/reality show - Commenting Challenge Day 2

I have joined Jenna’s Commenting Challenge 4 and its only day 2 and I am already behind.  Behind on my visiting other blogs and behind on posting but such is my life!!  Today we are discussing our favorite tv show/series/reality show and I think I am supposed to pick just one and that is going to be hard!  Well, I will just list all we watch or I guess we will just see how this post ends!!!
Monday nights include Bones, The Following, Castle, Warehouse 13 and The Dome.
Tuesday nights the hubs watches Big Bang Theory reruns and I try to squeeze in Lizard Lick Towing.
Wednesday nights we have church so we don’t get to watch much but I try to remember to record Duck Dynasty and if I forget I watch it on my computer the next day!
Thursday nights we watch Big Bang Theory, BBT reruns and Elementary.
Friday nights we don’t watch much, usually just channel surf until we find something interesting.
Saturday night is a repeat of Friday.
Sunday night I watch Drop Dead Diva, The Client List and Army Wives.

Occasionally I will watch some Real Housewives of OC and NJ but the language sometimes gets a bit out of hand and I end up turning it off.

Well, I can’t just pick one to talk about!  What do you watch?  Do you watch any of the same shows I do?  Which is your favorite?

Who Am I?

Well, I don’t really know what to say about myself.  When I first started my blog I did this so I updated it some and almost 5 years later it hasn’t changed much!

i am...a Christian, a wife, a mother of three angel babies, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a teacher.

i dream...of one day having a family of my own, a home we love.

i think...that my husband and family bring out the best in me.

i know...that I am a terrible housekeeper.
i want...children and to find a job that I will love.

i amazing husband, an awesome family and great friends.

i wish...that my Mom was still here.

i hate...feeling bad about the things I sometimes say and do.

i baby boy Raymond.

i fear...never having children.

i hear...the noise of the tv.
i island gardenia candle!

i crave...Mexican food.

i search...for knowledge and a better understanding of my Christian walk.

i wonder...will I ever be a mommy?

i regret...that I am sometimes not the person I should be.
i family so much it sometimes hurts.

i ache...when I know someone I care about is hurting.

i care...about my family and friends.

i always...try to be a good person.

i am not...going to let anyone get the best of me.

i Jesus Christ.

i dance...when no one is watching.

i sing...a lot!

i cry...when my heart is hurting, when I feel overwhelmed, miss my Mom.

i don't...want to hurt anymore.

i get a job so we can get a home of our own.
i fight...for what I believe in.

i write...because I can say things better that way.
i train of thought often.
i listen...when someone needs to be heard.

i can usually be home.

i count my blessings.

i am happy...when I am with my husband.

i always be the best that I can be!

And for the social media that I am involved with. . . . . .

I am on facebook but it is private.

I am on twitter but I think I have only tweeted once!

I am on pinterest and you can find me here.

And I am on instagram and you can find me here.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Yesterday we had a high temperature of 75 degrees.  Yes folks, 75 degrees in Texas in the middle of July.  It was wonderful!  We got a little over a ½ an inch of rain.  Today was back in the 90’s but we got more much needed rain.  Here are some pictures from yesterday and today.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Vacation 2013: Arkansas - The Natural State

We headed out for our annual vacation on June 19th, this year we were on our own.  Due to me not having a job we were unable to go to Colorado which turned out to be a good thing because where we usually go has been surrounded by a wildfire.  We headed to Arkansas to see friends and some of Mr. Giggles family.  On the way up we stayed at Tyler State Park which is one of our favorites and ate at my favorite restaurant, Jalapena Tree.  We stayed at Magazine Mountain State Park which was beautiful.  We made several day trips, one being to the Bentonville/Rogers area to see our friends and to Conway to see Mr. Giggles cousins.  We had a really good time but we were glad to get home.  Here are some pictures of the beautiful scenery we saw.
Wildflowers were still in bloom.

The super moon.

Road to Spring Lake

Spring Lake: there were no campers at this lake.

Spring Lake Wildlife

Viewing area from Mt. Magazine State Park

Sunset at Mt. Magazine

Our home away from home.

Sunset through the trees at our campsite.

The road down the mountain.

The highest point in Arkansas.

Wildflowers at the lodge.

The Lodge

The best sign to see!!


Monday, July 8, 2013

She's Gettin' Hitched!

I can’t believe that I forgot to post about this!  My very good friend LEH got a big surprise on her 51st birthday (this actually happened in May!)!!  She got the most beautiful engagement ring!  We got to be with her for the big moment.  We knew what was happening and were about to bust a gut keeping it a secret!  We love LEH and JD and consider them to be family!  Can’t wait for the big day. . . . .it will be awesome!  You done good JD!  and LEH, you found a prince!



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