Friday, August 6, 2010

Everyone Is Trying to Keep Cool!!

Yesterday the Pioneer Woman talked about why they get up so early to work on the ranch and I learned that cattle don't sweat. I have been around cattle all of my life but never knew that. . . .guess I never really thought about it. Anyway, to learn more run by her blog. Here are some of our cows keeping cool! Our cows are so nosey, they watched me the whole time I was taking pictures (from my car in the a/c of course!). I love our cows, well most of the time anyway! My mom spent a lot of time with our submarines and she loved every minute of it.


Jennifer said...

I love that you took pictures from your car - in the a/ kind of gal!!:)

I Love Cows!

David said...

Wish I could do that. Love the pictures. Hope to see you soon. Coming your way as soon as soccer season starts for the grandkids.

David said...

David said is really from Mrs. H's mom. I will never get this all straight.


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