Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

I have to say that I was not really looking forward to this weekend. It was as hard as I thought it was but not as bad as I was afraid it would be. We had lunch with my "adopted" sister and her family. We had a great meal and had a nice day. We did the usual egg hunt and this year Rae and I tied for the most eggs.
Our lunch menu:
Sourcream chicken enchiladas
Refried beans
Spanish rice
Queso & chips & hot sauce
Bananaless banana pudding
Buttermilk pie
Thank you LEH for having us over for lunch, for the Easter eggs to hunt and for being such a wonderful addition to our family. Love you! :)
I really missed my Mom today. She always made the holidays special. Please continue to pray for us.
Weekly Menu:
Monday: salad for the Mr. and steak and baked potato for me
Tuesday: shrimp newburg
Wednesday: fend for yourself
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: out to dinner
Saturday: fend for yourself
Have a good week.
Mrs. H's Mom, it was so good to see you today. Wish we could have visited longer.

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