Monday, April 5, 2010

It's That Time Again. . . . .

well, actually it is probably past time but I am working on it anyway. I am sure that you are wondering what in the world I am yammering about. Well, it is job seeking time again. I hope that this year I am finally able to put my degree to use and find a teaching job (Mr. Giggles hopes so too!). Wish me luck.

I can not believe that it is already April. The last month went by so quickly. As you can see, my monthly goals list have already fallen by the wayside. Maybe next month I will start over with those each month. We shall see. The 27th of this month would have been Mom's 59th birthday. This time last year we were a carefree happy family. Isn't it sad how quickly things can change?

I was going through pictures this evening to put on a digital keychain I got for christmas. I am going to share one of them with you. This is the last "family" picture we took. This was taken on the day of Mom's transplant. We were scared but just knew that she would be home in 100 days.

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