Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Post With No Name

And just like that, I am way behind again on my blogging.  Let’s see. . . . . . .what was the last the last non-menu post was about. . . . .  Oh yes, it was about summer plans, none of which has been done yet!  Monday and Wednesday of last week I did some housework and that is all I can remember.  Tuesday and Thursday I spent the day running my Grandmother around taking her to the doctor, the grocery store and getting her hair done.  Friday my hubs was off and we ran errands that he needed to get done.  Saturday was spent outside sweating as we mowed and burned two big burn piles.  That led to too much sun way to much heat.  My Dad’s birthday was Saturday and we went to Freddy’s Frozen Custard to eat and visit.  We had a good time because we had some friends there and my Dad’s mom joined us.  Sunday we out to dinner for Dad’s birthday meal and it is nap time for us but I had to wash clothes and pack because I had to head to the big city.  Dad and I left Sunday evening after church and of course got caught up in traffic at 10:30 at night. . . . .on a Sunday.  We got to their house after 11:00 and finally got to bed after midnight.  My middle sister Bec had surgery on Monday morning and we all had to get up early.  So I was up at 4:45 after not getting much sleep!  My little sis had to take the nephew to driver’s ed at 6:00 am.  HE IS NOT OLD ENOUGH TO BE TAKING DRIVER’S ED!!!!  Surgery started around 7:15 and the surgery results were better than what the doc had hoped for.  Ate lunch with my two favorite kiddos and then Dad and I hit the road at 2:30 to head back home so the hubs and I could take his parentals out to dinner for their anniversary.  After dinner we headed home because I was about to pass out!!  I am too old to try to function on less than 4 hours of sleep and 3.5 hours of chauffeuring my Dad home!!  This morning I took the truck in for some warranty work, walked with my Dad, went to my great aunt’s burial and then came home and accomplished nothing except for this blog post and cooking the yellow squash I had for supper.  Now I am waiting for it to be bedtime!  Tomorrow I am hoping to get a lot of housework done because I will be without a vehicle again because the truck is still at the dealership.  And that is my exciting summer vacation so far!!  Hoping for something more interesting to write about real soon and hoping to pick up my camera and take some pictures to share with you.

Have a great week!

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