Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Who Am I?

Well, I don’t really know what to say about myself.  When I first started my blog I did this so I updated it some and almost 5 years later it hasn’t changed much!

i am...a Christian, a wife, a mother of three angel babies, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a teacher.

i dream...of one day having a family of my own, a home we love.

i think...that my husband and family bring out the best in me.

i know...that I am a terrible housekeeper.
i want...children and to find a job that I will love.

i have...an amazing husband, an awesome family and great friends.

i wish...that my Mom was still here.

i hate...feeling bad about the things I sometimes say and do.

i miss...my baby boy Raymond.

i fear...never having children.

i hear...the noise of the tv.
i smell...an island gardenia candle!

i crave...Mexican food.

i search...for knowledge and a better understanding of my Christian walk.

i wonder...will I ever be a mommy?

i regret...that I am sometimes not the person I should be.
i love...my family so much it sometimes hurts.

i ache...when I know someone I care about is hurting.

i care...about my family and friends.

i always...try to be a good person.

i am not...going to let anyone get the best of me.

i believe...in Jesus Christ.

i dance...when no one is watching.

i sing...a lot!

i cry...when my heart is hurting, when I feel overwhelmed, miss my Mom.

i don't...want to hurt anymore.

i hope...to get a job so we can get a home of our own.
i fight...for what I believe in.

i write...because I can say things better that way.
i lose...my train of thought often.
i listen...when someone needs to be heard.

i can usually be found...at home.

i need...to count my blessings.

i am happy...when I am with my husband.

i desire...to always be the best that I can be!

And for the social media that I am involved with. . . . . .

I am on facebook but it is private.

I am on twitter but I think I have only tweeted once!

I am on pinterest and you can find me here.

And I am on instagram and you can find me here.

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