Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fave TV show/series/reality show - Commenting Challenge Day 2

I have joined Jenna’s Commenting Challenge 4 and its only day 2 and I am already behind.  Behind on my visiting other blogs and behind on posting but such is my life!!  Today we are discussing our favorite tv show/series/reality show and I think I am supposed to pick just one and that is going to be hard!  Well, I will just list all we watch or I guess we will just see how this post ends!!!
Monday nights include Bones, The Following, Castle, Warehouse 13 and The Dome.
Tuesday nights the hubs watches Big Bang Theory reruns and I try to squeeze in Lizard Lick Towing.
Wednesday nights we have church so we don’t get to watch much but I try to remember to record Duck Dynasty and if I forget I watch it on my computer the next day!
Thursday nights we watch Big Bang Theory, BBT reruns and Elementary.
Friday nights we don’t watch much, usually just channel surf until we find something interesting.
Saturday night is a repeat of Friday.
Sunday night I watch Drop Dead Diva, The Client List and Army Wives.

Occasionally I will watch some Real Housewives of OC and NJ but the language sometimes gets a bit out of hand and I end up turning it off.

Well, I can’t just pick one to talk about!  What do you watch?  Do you watch any of the same shows I do?  Which is your favorite?

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Adrienne Gilbreath said...

We're big BBT fans at our house too!


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