Thursday, October 21, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Nurseries and Kid Rooms

This week over at Kelly's Korner there is a nursery/children's rooms tour. I decided to join even though I have neither a nursery or a child's room. I have known since before Mr. Giggles and I ever started trying for a family that I wanted our baby's room to have moons and stars. Since I made that decision I began the task of finding what I wanted. When I got pregnant the first time, my Mom, Aunts and Gmom Watson went to Las Vegas for their annual girls trip. While there, two of my Aunts went to Build a Bear and made us the cutest bear and put him in pjs with stars (and if I remember correctly the stars glow in the dark). After we lost the baby, I put the bear back in his box and he now sits on top of hubby's wardrobe waiting. A couple of years later I found the perfect bedding. It is Boyds Bears, First Bear I See Tonight and it had everything I wanted. . . .stars, the moon, primary colors and bears. My Mom helped me get all the pieces that we could find. Let me say that finding most things was not an easy task. I routinely went to four different Walmarts, two in my town and two out of town. We weren't able to find curtains so Mom and I got gingham in red, blue, yellow and green which goes very well with the bedding. This is the bedding but it is not my room (all of my stuff is at my parents house in storage).

The furniture we will use in our nursery was used by my nephew and niece. If I remember correctly it is Jenny Lind brand. It includes a cradle, changing table, chest of drawers and baby bed. It is in storage in my husbands storage building. Well, everything that is except for the chest of drawers which is in use right now in the house. The wood is a light blonde color. I couldn't find any good pictures of the furniture to share with you.

The room that we would use as a nursery has grey carpet and grey paneling on the wall. It has one window, the closet door and two doors into the room (when the house was first built, every room had two doors into it).

Even after ten years of trying three pregnancy losses I plan on using the same theme for the room. One reason is because it includes all the things I wanted in a nursery and the second reason is because my mom helped me get the bedding and pick out the material for curtains. Since she passed away it makes everything a little more special. I hope that one day we will have children who will get to use this cute stuff and as they grow, I can tell them how much their Memom enjoyed helping pick out the cute things for them even before she knew they were coming.
Thank you for stopping by and checking our dream nursery.


~SHO~ said...

That sounds like a wonderful plan! Best of luck with everything and may God bless the desires of your heart.


Blessed Beyond said...

WOW, your story really is touching! I love the bedding, and can relate to several parts. I hope and pray you will one day have a baby to be blessed with such a special and beautiful nursery!
Hugs and Blessings,

Blessed Beyond said...
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Hayley said...

Hi, I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. I can relate soooooo much to your story, and tears streamed down my face as I read about your planned out nursery as you sit in waiting. I prayed for you and your husband, that God would give you the desires of your hearts. Looking forward to reading about an answered prayer!!


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