Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday

Dear Mom:

Today is your birthday.  You would have been 60 years young.  I remember the last birthday we got to celebrate with you.  We went to Johnny Carinos for dinner and presents.  You looked beautiful as always.  Dad has a picture of you from our dinner and you looked so happy.  I hope that you are enjoying your birthday with the loved ones you are now with.  I hope that you spent the day playing with your grandbabies.  I also hope that you were able to see how we celebrated without you.  We went out to eat for supper and Dad put beautiful yellow roses on your grave for his Yellow Rose of Texas.  Rae got you some beautiful sunflowers and tulips.  I was going to get you some balloons but I couldn't get to the store but it is probably good because the wind is still blowing so hard around here that they wouldn't have lasted long.  We want you to know that our love for you hasn't diminished at all and neither has our missing you.  I love you Mom and hope that your birthday in heaven was good.


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