Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blogging Slump

I can't believe that I have become such a bad blogger but there really hasn't been anything interesting going on around here.  Last week I finished up with summer school and have spent this week trying to get caught up on stuff here at the house.  I am still way behind but maybe one day I will catch up! 
 I am still looking for a job.  Got my application in at the two big districts here in town but I haven't heard anything from either one of them yet.  I really hope to find something because I really don't want to spend the next year subbing but that is what I will do if need be.
Although I haven't been blogging myself, I have definitely been cruising around blogland reading a bunch of other blogs.  Tonight while checking out one of my favorite blogs Ashes For Beauty,  I found that it has gone private.  Makes me so very sad.
Well, that is all I've got for tonight.  I need to go wash dishes and then blanch some tomatoes so I can put them in the freezer.  Sounds exciting doesn't it?  That is just how we roll around these parts!  I am hoping to make some homemade salsa at a later date!!  Looking for a very EASY recipe to start with!!

OOOPPPSSS!  No blanching tomatoes for me.  Why you ask. . . . .I left them in a bag and they turned to mush.  Now I have a mess on the kitchen floor.  YUCK! 

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