Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Momma!

Today would have been my Mom’s 62nd birthday.  It still breaks my heart to know that we didn’t get to spend it with her.  I miss looking for and buying her birthday gifts.  I miss baking a cake for her.  I miss watching her open her gifts.  I miss seeing her with her grandkids.  I just plain miss my Mom.  It is still so hard without her.   My Dad took flowers to her grave and he put some on our baby’s grave also.  I took her some flowers and a butterfly balloon.

Happy birthday to the most special Mom ever.  You were such an inspiration to all those around you, a great example of a Godly woman, a loving person who went out of her way to help others and the best hugger in the world.  We miss you.  I love these pictures so you will probably see them again on their anniversary!!
Just celebrated 40 years one month before.

Newly weds.

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