Sunday, April 14, 2013

What Are You Watching?

I hate to say this but I am a tv addict.  I have been searching for something to write about because I haven’t posted anything in forever!  So I thought I would bore share with you what I watch on a weekly basis.  Please don’t think badly of me because of all the tv I watch!  When you don’t have kids you can do things like this.  Please note that these are what I watch at night.
Sunday: Army Wives and The Client List
Monday:  Bones, The Following, Castle and beginning in a few weeks Warehouse 13 comes back on.
Tuesday:  don’t really watch much on Tuesdays.  If we taped something on Mondays we may catch up on Monday shows..
Wednesday:  if we get home in time we will watch Duck Dynasty but we usually tape it and watch it later.
Thursday: The Big Bang Theory, Big Bang reruns and then Elementary
Friday:  we don’t watch much on Friday nights because we are usually out but sometimes I would tape Last Man Standing and Malibu Country
Saturday:  usually Big Bang Theory reruns.  During the day the tv usually stays on the SyFy channel for the hubs.

I also like Lizard Lick towing so I will watch it on my computer whenever they post the episode.
And there you go folks. . . . .the proof that I am addicted to tv and spend a lot of time watching it.  Yes, I am sure that my brain will melt one of these days!!
What are you watching? What is your favorite show?



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