Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy, busy weekend. I am very tired and I am very glad that I only have to work two days this week. . . .let me rephrase that, I only have to work a paying job two days this week but be rest assured that I have a ton of stuff to do at home. Mowing and housework just to name a few. But back to this weekend: Saturday included a graveside memorial, grocery shopping, regular church work for Sunday, making a baby sock corsage and making corn dip for a fellowship dinner on Sunday. Sunday included church, lunch, finish up baby shower corsage, baby shower, church and then hotdog dinner at church.

The baby shower was for a young couple at church who are expecting their second and are having a little boy. You can not believe how difficult it is to go to baby showers. It brings back all the memories of what we didn't get to experience and that we don't get to hold our baby or watch him grow. Our sweet baby boy would be two years and five months. We don't know if we will ever get to have the fun times of baby showers, sweet babies, terrible twos and so on and that is so very sad. Something else that is sad that if God does have children in his plans for us, my Mom won't be here to help me and that breaks my heart into a million pieces.

I hope that you all got a little more rest this weekend than we did.

Monday: chicken and swiss casserole (and english peas for me)
Tuesday: leftovers
Wednesday: fend for yourself
Thursday: leftovers ?
Friday: out to dinner
Saturday: fend for yourself


Jennifer said...

Praying that God gives much grace....

And that casserole sounds yummy AND the English peas as well!!

Donna said...

Praying for you right now...and will continue to bring your name before the Father.


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