Sunday, April 15, 2012

Busy Weekend but I Got Nothing Done!

This has been a very busy weekend and I haven't gotten anything done!  Yesterday my little sister and I went to the Bluebonnet Festival in Chapel Hill which is one of two  big craft shows the little town hosts twice a year.  The weather was pretty nice and we had a really good time.  We don't get to do much together because she has such a busy schedule so I cherish the small amounts of time we get to do something fun together.  We talked about Mom and we laughed about some of our funny memories and we cried a little and we each thought about how much we miss her.  I bought a couple of things one being a cute wood sign that says "Bless this family" and a really cute leather hair clip.  My sister found some really cute things too.  One of them was a Scentsy warmer that is being discontinued.  It is "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon".  She bought it to put in her box of baby things she bought when we were expecting out little Giggles.  She has more faith that we will be parents than I do.  She also has the cutest little lamb in that box.  I don't know what else is in that box.
Today was a pretty crazy day.  After church I went to a baby shower for a new couple at church and I got to use my new camera some more.  My sister got to learn how to use it some too.  The mom to be got a lot of cute things for the baby girl they are expecting.  Following the shower I had to go to a viewing for a friend from high school.  It was actually the step-brother of my best guy friend from my senior year (his family treated me like family and I spent so much time at their home so they felt like family).  The death of his step-brother was especially difficult for his family because he made the choice to end his life.  He left behind a wife and three children along with a brother, a step-brother, step-sister, nieces and nephews.  It was so good to see his family because I haven't seen them in a long time but I really hate the circumstances that brought us together.  Tonight my heart hurts for them and I  pray for peace and comfort for my "other" family as they struggle to understand why this happened. 

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