Friday, June 15, 2012

Show Us Your Life - Master and Guest Bedroom

I wasn't going to join Kelly's Korner for her bedroom tour because well, my there is nothing exciting about our rooms, they are no where near as nice as the majority of the ones you will see.  But, I decided that I would go ahead and share.  Not much has changed since 2010 except for the fact that we went from a queen sized bed to a king sized bed, lost the wicker headboard, the metal clothes rack the hubster hangs his clothes on (no room with the bigger bed).  Now we need a new quilt since the old one is a queen size but I don't want to get a new one because the one we are using is the one my Momma got us.  I looked to see if I could find a king sized on at JCPenney but apparently they don't carry it anymore so I am thinking of maybe find a solid navy blue quilt and using the other one at the end of the bed.  Don't know what I will end up doing since now I don't have the $$ to buy anything that isn't a necessity.  So I won't keep you waiting on the edge of your seat to see our master bedroom!!  This is real life at the Giggles home so please don't judge.  I am not a housekeeper!  Here you go. . . . . .

Looking in from the living room,

Hubby's side of the bed
My side of the bed

Looking towards the living room.  The wardrobe is the hubster's closet.

and this would be my closet.  No, it is not very big and yes it has clothes stacked on a shelf and crammed onto the rods.  We laugh and say that if I took all the clothes off of the hangers they would stay right where they were.
As you can see, the master bedroom is very small and with the bigger bed it is wall to wall furniture.  We have always laughed about being able to walk around the room without ever touching the ground.  

Next I will show you our "guest" room.

This is what happens when you get a new bed and need a place for the old one, you have to find room for your hubster's clothes rack AND you have to completely clean out your classroom and you have nowhere else to store stuff!!

School stuff!!

There is enough room in the guest room to use the ironing board and to get to the closet and that is about it.  Besides all of the school stuff and the bed there is a chest of drawers, two bookshelves, a toy box and my cedar chest.

There is actually a 3rd bedroom but it is our office and right now it looks like Hurricane Giggles has blown through.  If I ever get it organized, I will share it with you (but please don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen!).

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our master bedroom. 

I guess I should tell you a little about our house.  It was my great-parents home and where my Granddaddy grew up.  The home was build with materials left over after the WW1 barracks were torn down at the local university.  The house is pretty much a square!  When my Granny lived here there was only one closet and it is in the bathroom that was added several years after the house was built.  There are a ton of doors in the house.  Let me see if I can count them all. . .  .front door, back door, utility room door, bathroom door, bathroom closet, kitchen (3), office (3 and this room doesn't even have a closet!), guest room (3), master (2).  I think that is all and I think the number is 15 (some of the doors listed are repeats).  There is not a hallway in our house, not long after we got married the front porch fell off of the house (my grandmother had to have it put back on), the fireplace doesn't work because it was coming away from the house and became a danger.  My grandparents got married in front of the fireplace.  My great grandmother was widowed sometime in the 1940's and at the time my great grandfather died they ran a large dairy.  Following my great grandfather's death my Granny ran the dairy until the early 1970's.  So there is a little bit of the history of our home.  Hopefully I will get it cleaned up more so I can share some of the rest of the rooms.


Kathy C said...

Love the history!
No worries, my bed room looks the same, just different stuff!
Love you.

Natasha said...

I love your bedding!

As you can tell I am a few weeks behind on my blog reading :)


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