Sunday, June 3, 2012


I have finally gotten my classroom totally cleared out. . . .all that I have left to do is to count my textbooks, turn in my key, pick up a letter and visit with my principal.  I am sad about leaving but I have to remember that God's plans are bigger than mine and I have to trust in him and his timing.  Now. . . .my house is stuffed to the gills with school stuff.  We have also gotten a new king sized bed to replace our queen sized bed so in the next couple of days we will also have a bed leaning against the wall in our extra bedroom.  It is a really good thing that we don't usually have overnight (or any guests) very often.  I am hoping to finally have time to get my living room cleaned up and my winter clothes but away.  I will be working for the next 16 school days at my husbands school teaching reading and writing with 6th graders.  AND that is what has been happening at the Giggles homestead!

Have a great week.

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