Monday, September 24, 2012

What's Cookin?? And Other Stuff

This week's menu is pretty boring but it includes two meals I like!

Monday:  breakfast tacos for the hubby (he has a school board meeting and will be home late) and I have no idea for myself!!

Tuesday:  salad for the hubs and salad or baked potato for me

Wednesday:  fend for yourself

Thursday:  chili dogs and mashed potato salad

Friday:  out to eat with Dad

Saturday:  fend for yourself

We had a church luncheon yesterday and I took creamy ranch potatoes and a cake.  I have added the recipe for the potatoes here.  The cake was strawberry with funfetti icing!!

I am so glad that it is finally fall.  Does it feel like fall. . . .oh no way!  Temps in the mid 90's all week long.  We are getting dangerously dry around these parts again.  Sure could use a lot of fall rain.  And some much cooler weather.  October is my favorite month and it is almost here!!  And it is quickly closing in on the holiday season and I am not ready to start Christmas shopping.  I am excited for the holidays but being unemployed has really hurt the checking and savings accounts.  Hopefully I will find something soon.

Yesterday at church the sermon touched on contentment.  Oh man did I feel like my toes were getting stomped on.  There are so many things in my life that I am not content with and along with that I struggle with jealousy.  It makes me crazy but I just can't seem to turn it over to God.

And lastly I miss my Mom so much.  Time doesn't help with the pain of losing people you love.  She always had such sound advice and a hug to go along with it.  I know that my sisters are going through things right now that they would love to have my Mom around for.  And it still breaks my heart to see the pain of missing Mom on my Dad's face. 

Ok so I wasn't finished like I thought I was!  These two short people are growing up so quickly.  I miss them tons and love them more than they will every know. 

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