Monday, September 3, 2012

Heat, September and Labor Day. . .Oh and football!

Happy Labor day to you all.  Unfortunately around here everyone is working today.  I would have loved to get to spend the day with my hubby at home since we were tied up all weekend with church activities.  BUT everyone around here that works in education has to work today (except for me because I am still unemployed).  So I will spend this Labor day holiday laboring at home trying to get some organization in our chaotic home.  Wish me luck!

September. . . .wow it can't already be September.  There are only 112 days until Christmas.  This summer has really flown by this year.  The whole month of June was spent teaching summer school.  July was spent on vacation in Colorado and in the hospital.  I have no idea what happened in August. . . .I really think we just skipped over it completely!

I don't know what it is like heat wise where you live but this weekend felt like we were living in an oven.  The temps this week are supposed to 100 everyday.  I don't want to go outside at all!  I need to finish mowing my yard but I don't want to! 

Well, we are not big football fans around here.  I will watch Sam Houston or A&M if they are on tv but I won't watch an entire game.  I just flip back and forth to see the score.   My hubster on the other hand will only watch whatever sport my sister is coaching or the nephew and niece are playing.  Therefore the only things that really affects us during the football season are:  the horrible traffic on home game weekends, the news running late because of a game, and well all the hype (yes, we live in the center of football!).  We are in a new conference so it is CrAzY around here.  Anyway. . . my point of the football part of my post is this. . . if you are looking for some good tailgating recipes you can go here to my recipe blog.

Well, I really need to get something done so hope you have a great one!!

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