Monday, February 8, 2010


Oh my goodness did we get the rain today. It didn't rain very long but it rained a lot. When I could finally see outside, there was water standing everywhere. And as the rain moved on the cold air came howling to cool everything down. . . . . . .way down. I can't remember how much I have said about our home but it is not a good winter home. We have a window unit in the bathroom because the central air does not go to that part of the house (you see, our house was built in the era of the outhouse. . . .and it had one) so in the summer it is very HOT in there without the a/c and in the winter it is very COLD (we have a little space heater for heat). Well, we have a sheet covering the window unit and the window and when the wind blows the sheet blows. It is kind of spooky if you aren't expecting it. Anyway, it cooled way down in the house so we bundle up in blankets, sit in our recliners and watch tv.
I don't know if you are a Heritage Schoolhouse follower and if you are, I know I have been missing Mrs. H as much as I have. Hopefully she will be back with us soon. She is the sweetest, is an awesome cook and a great friend (yes, we know each other in "real" life). If you ever meet her, you will love spending time with her and her family.
Well, that is all for tonight. My mom had a pretty good day. Can't wait til she comes home.

Hi Mrs. H's mom! Can't wait til y'all come visit again.

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Mrs. H. said...

You are so sweet - it is nice to be missed. :-) And I am very glad to know you "in real life"!!


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