Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was my Dad's 65th birthday. We hope that he enjoyed his day. We went to see Marmaduke which was hilarious. Lunch at a good restaurant (he had 4 girls with him for lunch!) and then a "surprise" at his elder and deacons meeting last night with his favorite cake. . . .pineapple upside down cake (I had never made one before and it tasted so good). Tonight after church he opened his gifts (no, I still don't have his - can't decide what to do). I hope he enjoyed his special day. I have always loved my Dad but the love has just multiplied over the last 11 months or maybe it has just strengthened.
This has been a super difficult week for me. The tears have flowed almost as much as the rain has fallen (5.8 inches since yesterday). I don't know the reason but it has just been hard. It may be because are just weeks away from the day our world changed so drastically.
Mom and Dad would have celebrated their 41st anniversary this Sunday. I am so glad that we had a party for them last year. Mom was so surprised about the party and Dad (he knew about it) was surprised by the people who came. It was such a great day.
Well, that is all for tonight. Jennifer~ thank you for the hug, I needed that!

Hi Mrs. H's mom. Hope to see you soon.


Mrs. H's mom said...

Silence had been broken. I hope to see you Sunday. We will be in town.
We will see you at church Sunday night. I will give you a big hug.
Glad your dad had a nice birthday.
I know it was hard. I read your blog everyday and pray for you and your family. See you soon.
Mrs.H's mom

Jennifer said...

WOW - a comment from Mrs. H's's that for persistence, Giggles??!! So many celebrations going on - that truly are not the doubt that has a little bit to do with the extra tears. Be gentle with yourself and just enjoy what you can of the special days - sounds like you had a nice time with your dad for his birthday! I'm sure that was a blessing to him as well. How wonderful to have such a close, supportive family. Tell your dad Happy Birthday....and get going on that "perfect gift"! :)


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