Monday, July 5, 2010

Catching Up!

Wow, it has been a looong time since I have really blogged. Well, let me tell you what I have been up to.
On Wednesday, June 16th, we headed off to beautiful Colorado to meet my Dad and my sister for vacation. We reached our destination on Friday afternoon and we were excited to be there. With the excitement was sadness because this was the trip we were supposed to take with my Mom; at least, that is what Dad's plan had been. Well, we parked our trailer at Fun Valley and started our vacation. Saturday we went to Creed (they have the neatest shops but our favorite is The Holy Moses) and then drove around the mountain some just checking out the sights. Sunday we got up and went to church and then headed to Wolf Creek Pass/ Continental Divide and played in the snow. The snow was beautiful. We had fun throwing snowballs at each other. I didn't do much hiking around in the snow because the altitude was making me feel pretty yucky. Monday my Dad and sister headed home and Mr. G. and I headed to Pagosa Springs and spent some time shopping. Tuesday was Alamosa, Wednesday was Gunnison, Thursday South Fork, and Friday was Monte Vista and Del Norte (all day trips). Saturday we pretty much just hung around the trailer (nice and lazy day). Sunday we headed to Woodland Park outside of Colorado Springs so that we could go to Pikes Peak (an awesome drive!), Cave of the Winds (thought I was going to die because I am so out of shape) and then Garden of the Gods on Tuesday. Wednesday we headed home and returned to our humble abode Saturday night.

July 4th: we went to church, at lunch with the in-laws, came home and took a nap, went back to church and then headed to the in-laws house to celebrate Mr. G's birthday that occurred while we were gone. We ate (hamburger for me and lasagna for the Mr), watched some tv, went to the city fireworks display (hadn't done that in a long time), and then went back to their house and watched a movie. Watching the fireworks brought back so many memories. I kept seeing my Mom and remembering all the times we did fireworks at the lake and Mom would always play with the sparklers. So I watched the entire show with tears running down my cheeks.

Today Mr. G went to work for a few hours to catch up and I did absolutely nothing! Tomorrow I will have to start baling hay, I mean mowing my yard and finish unpacking the trailer and trying to get the house back in some sort of order! Now that we are home I really have to work on finding a job so please keep that in your prayers. I think that has you pretty much caught up with me and life in my lane!!

Hi Mrs. H's Mom! :)

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