Saturday, February 26, 2011


Friday at lunch I had an ice cream sandwich. For most people that isn't anything life shattering or anything but for me it brought back memories of my Mom. You see for one week while I was staying with her, that was about all I could get her to eat. I would go down to the cafeteria in the afternoon and would get either a regular ice cream sandwich or the cookies and cream kind and we would share it. Which meant that she would take a bite or two or three if I was lucky and then I would have the rest of it. It really made me miss my Mom (as if I needed anything else to help with that) and wish that I could get a hug from her. I need a hug and to hear her encouraging words. She could always make you believe that you could do no matter what it was that you set your mind to. She was just wonderful like that, don't you think?

A year ago today we were able to bring my Mom "home" from MD Anderson.  We were so certain that in a few months we would have her home.  Oh how I wish that were true.  I miss her so much.  I know this is not right but I find myself being so jealous of my friends who have their Mom's.  I breaks my heart to hear them say that they get to call their Mom or spend time with their Mom.  I miss picking up the phone and calling her like when I made meatloaf this week and I couldn't remember what all went in it. . . .it was such a habit that I found myself going to pick up the phone to call.  I still think about calling her when a leave a substitute teaching job because that is what I did.  When I was doing my student teaching I called her everyday on the way home to tell her how my day went.  I hardly ever go to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Kohls or Walmart anymore because that is where we would go to shop or waste time.  It isn't fair.  I miss my Mom so very much.

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