Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Background

Well, I tried to change my background to this really cute Valentines one but for some reason it won't completely change.  So, it isi going to look funny until I can figure it how to fix it or I just five it up and change it to something else. 

Yesterday we had a snowday although we only got about an inch of snow.  It was pretty but we didn't play too long or take many pictures.  It was just way too cold!  Yes, I am a wimp!  We were able to get out yesterday afternoon and head to Sam's to buy some essentials.  Last night we had our montly 42 party with some of our church friends.  We had a good time but got home late. . . . .super late!  So now I am up and at it and gotta run!

Happy Saturday to you all!

I fixed it!!!

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Mrs. H's mom said...

Like your new background. Didn't see the other one so I don't know what you did but this one is very cute. We are thawing out up here in north Dallas it's around 52 on the porch. Had lots of snow but all is gone Went out Sat. for the first time since last Monday. Hope your part of Texas is getting warmer. Cold wind blowing but at least no snow. More expected on Wed. Went grocery shopping today. Ready for the next "blizzard". Stay warm. :-)


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