Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm Back. . . . .For Today Anyway!

And another 8 days has passed since I last had the time and the inclination to post something on this here blog!!  By the time I get home in the afternoons I am so pooped that all I want to do is go to bed!!  Things at school are still having some pretty big ups and downs but yesterday I received two compliments that helped some.  One of my parents told another teacher how happy they were about how their child was doing and how much better school was for him.  I was concerned about how this student would do in my class because of my inexperience but so far so good.  Also the lady who is in charge of education at the church where our school meets complimented me on how clean and reorganized our room is every week for their Bible classes.  I received both of those before 8 am which was wonderful because the day headed downhill after that but. . . .we made it through and we all went home once school was out!

This weekend will be filled with more school work and trying to get the house back in order.  I really need a maid!  There will be lots of dish washing (I so need a dishwasher), clothes washing, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, sheet changing , grading, organizing and oh so much more!  Don't you wish you were here for a visit so you could help????  But with all of the yucky things I have to do at home, I am so thankful that I am not one of the thousands of people in the state who have lost their homes to the horrible wildfires that have hit our state.  The big one about 2 hours away is about  75% (I think) contained.  Over 1500 homes have been lost in that fire.  Also one of our state parks is in that area and of about 6000 acres in the park, only 50 to 100 acres of it have not burned.  Bastrop State park was beautiful with tall pine trees And speaking of wildfires. . . .hopefully we have seen the end of the 100+ degree temps.  It has been an absolutely horrible summer temperature wise.  This week my Dad has had to put up a hotwire fence at our lake because it has gone down so much and the cows were getting out.

Finally got the dishes done.  Now it is time for bed.  Happy Saturday friends.  I hope to be back tomorrow with next weeks menu.  If not, you aren't missing anything!!!  I am so not creative right now.

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Jennifer said...

Hope it is a wonderful week ahead - and still praying for (lots) of rain!!


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