Sunday, September 4, 2011


To those who happen to stop by here tonight and tomorrow and the next few days.  As you know Texas has been suffering a terrible drought and we are still in the midst of it.  Over the summer there have been some devastating wildfires and today there have been a terrible outbreak of them.  One fire is near Austin which is about two hours from us and it has already burned over 14,000 acres and spans a distance of 16 or so miles and I think it has burned 300 or so homes.  This is a populated area.  This fire is not contained at all.  Another fire is near where my Gmom W lives.  She has not had to evacuate but she has her bags packed and in her car in case she needs to.  I do not know if any of it is contained.  We also had a fire in our town today but it was put out before it did too much damage. 
I ask that you take a minute to pray for the safety of the firefighters, those whose homes are in the path of the fire, those who have already lost their homes, those who are helping the people who have been evacuated and for the rest of us in Texas as we are all afraid that fire will breakout in our part of the state at any time.  Please pray that we get some much needed rain.  We are well over 10 inches behind in rain in our part of the state.  Nothing is green, cattle are being sold off, hay is having to be purchased from out of state (ours came from Arkansas), cities are restricting water usage and people are weary of the heat.  This week is supposed to be cooler but we are having terrible winds.  We had gusts today of up to 40 miles/hour which doesn't seem too bad but when the fire danger is extreme. . . .the winds are extreme.  Your prayers are appreciated by my family and friends because we know that God answers prayers.  Thanks.


Jennifer said...

You - and your state - are certainly in my prayers....

Donna said...

Praying for you all!


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