Monday, March 8, 2010

13 Years Ago

I just wanted to share a few of my favorite wedding pictures. You will notice that Mr. Giggles is not pictured and that is because he doesn't want to have his picture posted on my blog. Since I love him, I left him out. The decorations were all done by my Mom, the wooden portion was built by my Dad. All of the flowers for the bridesmaids were done by my Mom (I will try to post some of those later). When I went to look for wedding dresses, I had in mind what I wanted but once I tried them on they didn't work. Mom picked up this dress that she wanted me to try on and I thought it was horrible. She finally convinced me to try it on and I fell in LOVE with it. We bought it and took it home and with just a couple alterations we had the perfect dress. Our wedding and reception were beautiful and I have my Mom and Dad to thank. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


Kathy C said...

Happy Anniversary! (Late)

Hoping it was as happy as possible. You and Mr. Giggles have a good thing going and there is always joy in that. Love to you. LOVE the pics. ch precious sweet memories.

Love you sister,

Felicia Neville said...

Happy Anniversary Tammy! My heart is still with you and so are my prayers! I hope you and Mr. G had a wonderful celebration of the love you have! Your wedding pictures are beautiful! I remember when you were planning your wedding! Take care, continue to place your faith in God's hands and may you and Mr. G have many more wonderful years together!!!!!


Jennifer said...

You were such a beautiful bride! And how precious to have such great pictures with your mom...I hope the memories made you smile:)


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