Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh, Am I Going to Hurt Tomorrow!!

I worked in my parents yard today with some TAMU students from the Big Event. If you are wondering what the Big Event is well, it is the largest, one-day student-run service project in the nation where students of TAMU come together to say "Thank You" to the residents of BCS. Our group were from the Pre-Med Society. I had the help of 5 girls and 1 boy. We only got one flower bed done but it looks so much better. I worked in the back yard mainly because it is over run with thistle. Boy, am I going to feel it tomorrow. I may have pictures to post later if they remember to send them to me. There were over 13,000 students working around the community today and 1500 projects.
Dad and I worked at the cemetery after we finished at their house. We moved rocks and dirt and did just some general clean up. Everything looks better but it still needs some work but it will have to be after they move the mountain of rocks from our area. I need to work on some more flower arrangements. Looks like I will be getting a lot of practice now that Mom isn't around to do them.
Man, I miss her so much. The strangest things make me think of her and hit me like a sledge hammer. Her birthday is in April and that is going to be hard. I am just so angry that she is gone. I don't like feeling this way but I can't stop it. Please continue to pray for my family as we are all struggling.

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