Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yes, the cows in the last post are right outside my backyard and they were something that my Mom enjoyed taking care of (most of the time anyway!). I think that the one closest to the camera is Stormy and we bottle fed her. We still have her and she can be such a pain.

The weather today is sunny, so much better than yesterday. Thank goodness. I am having such a hard time wanting to get out of my house and do anything, well to be honest I just plain don't want to do anything inside or out. Motivation is not in my vocabulary this week.

Can you guess what the picture is? I took it on our spring break trip last year. This was the last camping trip we got to take with my Mom and Dad. The day I took this is was absolutely gorgeous and we had such a nice time together.
Tonight we were invited over to eat dinner with some friends from church. We had an awesome dinner and a wonderful visit. Enjoyed visiting with their three girls. Mr. Giggles and I can't wait until we move into a bigger place so we can have people over!
Well, that is all for tonight.

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