Monday, March 22, 2010

New Week

Weekly Menu:
Monday: Slovacek sausage in bread
Tuesday: sloppy joes and tator tots
Wednesday: fend for yourself
Thursday: dinner at friends from church house
Friday: out to dinner
Saturday: fend for yourself

The end of spring break weak was pretty busy for us. Thursday we went to my sister B's in-laws farm for fishing, burgers and birthday cake. . . .oh, and presents. The short people celebrate birthdays this month. We had a good time just being together and playing with the kids. Friday night we met at Mr. Gatti's for pizza and games. The short people had a great time playing games and I think B and Rae did too. We had more birthday cake and they still took some home! They headed back home on Saturday and got snow. We went from really beautiful weather with temps in the low 70's to temps in the 50's and crazy wind that blew for two days straight and blew at over 20 mph.
Saturday we had to make an out of town trip for the funeral of a friend of ours dad. He had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. Ken and Lea had come to town for my Mom's funeral, then his step grandmother passed away and then his dad. He has had a rough month. We spent six hours on the road Saturday. That evening we received a call from Mr. Giggles mom to let us know that his sister was in the hospital and that she needed us to follow her to where they were living so we could bring his dad back. That was four hours on the road plus the hospital visit. I had a very hard time at the hospital and ended up having to sit out in the hall. We hope that the doctors are able to find what is causing his sister to have severe back pain and to have seizures. Needless to say, we were exhausted by the time we got home last night.
Today has been a long day. I had to go wait at my parents house for repair men to fix the bathtub drain. This is all still part of the foundation repair from last summer. It was really hard for me today to sit amongst all their stuff and remember how much my Mom would have enjoyed decorating the house when she began feeling better. Today is also the one year anniversary of the loss of Baby Giggles # 3. I have shed a lot of tears today.
I hope this is not an indication of how the rest of the week is going to be. Well, that is all for tonight. I need to get off the computer and change the sheets so we can go to bed. Night y'all.


Stephen and Larissa said...

I think I know the Ken and Lea you are talking about. We go to church together. Hubby and I didn't go to the funeral, but dropped some food off at the building for afterwards. I never know what to say at funerals.....

Small world though. How do you know them?

Stephen and Larissa said...

Your family continues to be in my prayers through the hard times you are going through.

Donna said...

Hi, Giggles,

Just dropping by to let you know I've been praying and will continue to pray for you...May you feel God's arms around you this day...

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a busy week - and those menus sound yummy. How was that sausage in bread?? Praying that God is bringing you comfort...


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