Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What A Day!

Giggles has had a very long day. My day started at 5:00 (because we only have one bathroom and for Mr. G to be able to leave at 6:55 am and for me to have enough time that is what we have to do)  with me heading out at 7:10 to SWV elementary to sub in music well, the job was cancelled but no one let me know until after I arrived early and had to stand outside the front doors for almost 10 minutes.  Then they sent me to the high school where I spent time in the library dusting the glass shelves and cleaning the windows in the display case and reshelved books (using the Dewy Decimal System). Then I was sent to CSMS (Dads school) where I spent 4 periods in adaptive behavior, 30 minutes in the library and one period in a special math class. I had to help actual people with some math work. . . . .some was fractions (no wonder my head hurts!).  If you know me, you know that math is very painful for me.  And when I say painful. . . . . .I mean painful.  When I had to take my education math classes and the additional math class to get in all math credits it was a pain for Mr. Giggles because he is a math whiz and had to help me (who is no a math whiz).  It was nice to have some of my kids from last week smile and say hi to me as they passed me in the hall.  Anyway, I am absolutely useless this evening.  Thank goodness I am not working tomorrow!

Yesterday I subbed at the hubby's school for a bunch of third graders.  The first group I had asked me in the morning if my husband was the bald man they would see.  Well, I knew that he goes to the cafeteria a lot to get tea so I said yes, it was.  Well when I went to pick them up from lunch, the lunch aide that they were confused about who he was.  They were asking one of the aides (a tall bald man (due to shaving his head) but not my tall bald man (due to genetics).  He was with me when I went to pick up the kids I told them and showed them who he was.  As they passed him while leaving the cafeteria they said hi to him and some shook his hand.  After we got back to the classroom, they said "Your husband has a shiny bald head" (giggles!) and now we know who he is.  I told them that he will always have on a tie unless it is Friday in case they forget that he is the shiny bald guy!

I thought I would share these two pictures with you.  They are from my birthday with my family.  You will notice that my sister and I got sunburned when we went to an outside craft show.

 Well, that is all for now.  I hope you are all having a good week.  So far even though mine has been crazy, it has been ok.  Tomorrow will be busy as I try to catch up on the house cleaning, dish washing, towel folding and plant planting.  But at least I don't have to wake up at 5:00 am!

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Jennifer said...

Well..I DO love to get up early but 5:00AM is pushing it even for me. And getting up that early for..math!?!? :)Hope your day requires a little less brain power today!!


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