Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just Checking In

I am giving myself ten minutes to type of this post because I am ready to go to bed.  Ok, past ready to go to bed.  Here is just a quick glimpse of what I have been doing this week well, since Tuesday.  Tuesday I met the plumber at my Dad's house to get a leaky toilet fixed.  I unpacked some more stuff, hung some pictures and wreaths and cleaned the bathrooms for the church 42 party on Friday.  Then I met him for lunch and went to the post office.  Mr. Giggles called and the back brakes were out on his truck and he was out of town.  I hung out in town until he got back and met him at the mechanics (second car in the shop this week).  Picked up Mr. G, picked him up some lunch and went home so he could head out to work (he had been our of town for work).  That evening I picked up some stuff at Walmart including medicine for my sister, took it to her house and dropped it off (she was out of town for a vball playoff game) and then went to visit with my Dad a little while.  Wednesday I subbed in junior high choir, came home to wait for Mr. G so we could go pick up his truck and then church.  Today I again subbed in choir, came home and cooked supper and then went to a soccer game to watch Mr. H and his brother play.  It was very cool outside! They tied their game and ended the season undefeated.  Congrats guys.  Came home to eat dinner and watch some tv and now to for bed.  Goodnight all.

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Jennifer said...

Its Friday evening - hope you are enjoying that party at the church! and looking forward to a great weekend:) Just stopping by to catch up and say hello!


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