Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fun Times and Then. . . . .

Last night we had our annual ladies Christmas party.  It was at my Grandmother's house.  It took me three days to get the house decorated. . . .it looked good.  Ok, it looked really good (not so much at my house).  Anyway, it was 21 ladies from our church and we started the evening with yummy snacks and then went on to the gifts.  It was all very polite for a while and then the stealing started.  It seemed like Mrs. J was the official gift opener because her gifts were stolen a lot and she always opened a new one!  I think in the end, everyone was pleased with what they took home.  I took home a really cute snow globe that Mrs. H had brought to the party.  My Mom's talent is shown in so many places in my Grandmother's home and people enjoyed looking at the things that she had created over the years.  Everyone started heading home sometime after nine.  After cleaning and straightening up the house, I got home about 11:15.  Too say I was tired would have been a very large understatement!  I hadn't seen Mr. Giggles since 6:55 that morning so of course we talked some before going to sleep (after midnight) so when my phone rang at 7:15 this morning to see if I could take a sub job, I was still very tired.  My very first thought (that I can remember) was that I needed to call Mom and tell her about the Christmas party was.  Goodness, I hate it when I do that.  It hurts so very much.   After I finished with my sub job I went out to the cemetery to see Mom's tombstone (it finally got there) and to have a little chat with her and Baby Giggles.  I cried.  I miss my baby.  I cried.  I miss my Mom.  I cried some more.  I still miss them. . . .a lot.  I went home (with a headache. . you know the kind you get when you cry).

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Mrs. H. said...

I'm so sorry that today was a rough one for you. You worked so hard on the Ladies' party and everyone appreciated and enjoyed it so much. I hope you can get some good rest tonight.


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