Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Aftermath of the Holidays!

Our Christmas marathon began on the 18th when we went to my Dad's side of the family party location.  We had a Mexican fiesta and a rousing gift exchange/theft.  We had a good time but as expected, there was a huge hole in our happiness.  My Mom always made our family gathers fun but this year, although it was fun, it was pretty quiet.  We didn't even really pick on my cousin Rob.  Fast forward to the 25th. . . . .my Dad made our traditional Christmas breakfast and we had a full house.  The guest list included my Dad, RAW, Mr. Giggles, G-mom P, G-mom W, Aunt D, cousin Camel, her three kiddos and me.  Breakfast was yummy as usual but again, there was someone missing.  Saturday afternoon Mr. Giggles and I headed over to his parents house to celebrate with them.  We ate and ate and ate, opened presents and played games.  And finally last night, we had Christmas with Dad and my sisters.  We opened some great presents and then snacked on more junk food!  Once again my bil said a beautiful prayer that talked about what a wonderful person my Mom was and how much she meant to all of us.  The grandkids are staying with my Dad and my sister and bil are staying with his parents (about 45 minutes away) so we get to spend some special time with them before they leave on Wednesday.  With that being said, I had better go get ready so we can head to wherever to do whatever is on the agenda today.
Oh, I forgot about a few other people that dropped in. . . .my Uncle D and his wife came to town last week but I didn't get to see them because we didn't realize they were in town and they only stayed a couple of hours, his son and his family came into town yesterday.  We didn't get to see them either because they were only here for a short time.  My Uncle T came Saturday morning but headed home that afternoon and my cousin Grody and his wife came Saturday and left Sunday.  It was good to see those that we got to see and wish that we could have seen those that we didn't get to see.  Ok, gotta scoot.  I may have some pictures to post later.  I am just too lazy to get up and get my camera. 

Have a great day!  Mrs. H's mom, it was so good to see you Sunday!!


Mrs. H's mom said...

Thanks. It was good seeing you too.
Wish we could get together and visit sometime. But when we are there time goes by so fast.
Hope you have a Happy New Year.
I am praying for you and Mr. Giggles.
Hopefully this WILL be a better year for you all.

Jennifer said...

Wow - sounds like such a full and fun Christmas. I am so glad that God surrounded you with so many people that you love and that love you....so helps to fill that hole in your heart. Praying that you are looking forward to a great new year and all the possibilities it brings -

Loved catching up with your posts abit:)


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