Monday, June 20, 2011

Fire Danger

If it seems that all I seem to be able to talk complain about is the weather.  We have been over 100 degrees now for atleast a week, maybe more and we haven't had substantial rain in I don't know when.  Add to that wind that blows constantly and blows hard.  Right now in the great state of Texas there are three wildfire burning and two of those are relatively (and I say relatively because Texas is huge in case you didn't know!) close to us.  The closest is about 45 minutes or so away from us and the other is around an hour from us so when you think about it. . . .they are really close.  The other is several hours away.  The fire that is closest to us has already burned over 30 homes and this area is country so there are lots of animals in the fire path also.  So, if you have a minute could you say a prayer for those who have lost their homes, the firefighters and all those helping.

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