Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Weather and Such

As Texas continues to suffer through a drought, the east coast is suffering from too much water from Hurricane Irene.  I hope that my blogger friends on the east coast are safe with minimal damage.  Yesterday and today the heat in Texas was unbearable.  Yesterday's high was 109 and I am pretty sure that today's was close to that.

I have to admit that last week was a very hard week.  But on Friday I had an incident that made me smile.  One of my sweet darlings (whose Dad I have been friends with for years) came to school in boxers instead of pants.  Dad brought the student to school and he thought that said boxers were shorts.  We all had a good laugh about it and it is one thing that I will remember forever!  I am anxious about this week because I have so much going on with the differences in my students.  Yes, I know that all teachers have that but a public school has pull out help and I have to be the regular ed teacher, the special ed teacher, the dyslexia teacher, the pe teacher, the elective teacher and the english as a second language teacher.  And since this is my first classroom it is truly overwhelming.  I know that it will all work out but it is still pretty scary.  And with that, I had better close for tonight because I still have some school work to get done.  I hope you all had a great weekend.

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Jennifer said...

Can honestly say that is a first...never seen a kid come to school in boxers!! That one will make you smile for awhile to come:) Prayers for a good week ahead - and some rain:)


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