Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Busy Weekend and Fun Week

This past weekend was a very busy one for us.  My dad retired in May and due to busy summer schedules this was the only weekend we could have it.  It was a surprise and even though it was at the building where our church meets and the entire church was invited. . . .it stayed a surprise!!  My sister and her family surprised him, several former students and his siblings were just a few of those who helped us celebrate.  We did have an almost disaster but it was averted thanks to my hubby.  We had taken the punch fixins and fruit and veggie trays to the community center on Saturday so we wouldn't have to sneak them in.  Well, the refrigerator stopped working so our fruit trays went bad.  Ggggrrrrrrrr.  Thank goodness hubs was able to head over to Sam's for replacement trays and ice.  Everything turned out beautifully and my Dad seemed very pleased.  My brother in law spoke for us kids and of course he made us cry because he talked about my Mom and how there was a big part of our lives missing for the special occasion.  I hope she was pleased with what we did.
This week has been busy so far because my sister and kids are finally able to spend some time with us.  Yesterday was swimming, Dairy Queen and hamburgers while today was swimming for me and Madcow, going to see Captain America and bbq with some of our favorite people from church who just happened to show up at the restaurant and came over to eat with us.  Tomorrow I will be tied up most of the day with a continuing ed course I am taking and then Thursday we will be taking the extra family to the other grandparents house for a visit.
And to end tonight's blog. . . .it is HOT here in Texas.  The temps are supposed to be 102 to 106 all week.  We are burning up around here.  Since it has been so hot here, I thought I would share this picture my sister posted on facebook last week.  I hope you are all having a great week.

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

The temps are so hot here. We stay inside most of the day.


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