Saturday, November 3, 2012

Catching Up and Thankfulness

Well, November the first has come and gone before I even had a chance to think about it.  The older I get the faster time flies as I am sure everyone already knows.  I thought that I would catch you up on the exciting things going on around here but I can't really think of anything.  I have been subbing at several different schools in the area in any grades from pre-k to 8th grade.  I have subbed in p.e., 2nd grade, 7th grade, 8th grade and several others I can't remember.  Oh, we did have a fun weekend, we went to the big city to watch TatorTot play football and MadCow play softball.  We had a great time watching them and then just spending time with them. . . .something it seems that we never get to do since we live in different places.  My Dad and RAW went too so we had the whole family there.  The only downside to the weekend was that the hubster and I got sick (not unusual for me because there is something up there that does not like me!!) so on Monday which was a holiday for the hubs was spent at the doctor's office trying to get better.  Hubs is completely over his and I have this cough that will not go away. 

Halloween this year was pretty boring for us.  We did nothing, well we went to church and gave candy to our two favorite munchkins (thanks to their Mom who came prepared).  We did watch a lot of "scary" movies on AMC for the two weeks before which made the hubs happy.  And that was pretty much the month of October.

Now onto November:  if you are on facebook I am sure that your friends are doing the same thing. . . . .focusing on being thankful for the people/things we have.  I have decided to put mine on my blog so that when I am not feeling very thankful I can look back and be reminded.  Here is what I have for the first three days.
Day 3. . . . .I am thankful for my Dad.  He has always been there encouraging us, loving us and guiding us. He was a great example for us to know what to look for in a husband. He is a God fearing man, a man who loves his wife with his whole heart, loves his children and grandchildren and his dog. He is always there when needed and for that I am so appreciative. I love you Dad.

Day 2: I am thankful for my husband. . . . .who else could put up with me? He has been by my side through good, bad and very bad and has always held my hand and held me together. We may be total opposites in most things (but not the things that matter) but we fit together perfectly. I am looking forward to many more years being thankful for him being the one God chose for me.

Day 1. . . .I am thankful that my God is a forgiving God because I am far from perfect.

I don't know about you but I am already thinking about what I am wanting to make for our Thanksgiving meal.  We will be going to my Dad's brother's house for the day.  We always enjoy our time spent with them except for the fact that we eat way too much food!  And then we are hoping to head on over to the big city and spend the night with those four crazy people we never get to spend enough time with!!   Well, we are going to be falling back tonight for which I am glad but I don't want to stay up late like I usually do and waste the extra hour!!!  So with that, have a great Sunday and I will try to be back a little sooner and maybe with some pictures.

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