Sunday, November 11, 2012

What's For Dinner and Weekend Wrap up

What's for dinner this week. . . . . . .
Monday:  tomato soup (for the Mr.) and chicken noodle soup (for me) with grilled cheese sandwiches
Tuesday:  broccoli swiss (recipe to follow soon), hamburger steaks
Wednesday:  fend for yourself
Thursday:  fishsticks with mac and cheese
Friday:  out to dinner with my Dad
Saturday:  fend for yourself
Thursday of last week I went to the big city with my Dad to watch my nephew's last football game as a freshman.  They won 48 to 6.  I felt sorry for the other team because most of the team played the entire game and they had to be exhausted.  They only had three guys on the sidelines.  My nephew played well and it was nice to spend time with my sister, brother-in-law, niece, my sister's inlaws and my Dad.  It was a long day and I was very glad to get home that night!

Friday I decided that I really wanted to get my middle bedroom clean.  At the end of school in May, I had to totally clean out my classroom because I wasn't going to be teaching at that school.  Well, now ALL of my teaching stuff is stored at my house in said bedroom (well, there is some on the back porch also but I hope to get it all together in one room soon and up until two weeks ago the room also held a spare mattress and box springs.  We got rid of the bed and I had some extra space so I knew I needed to take the time to rearrange the room some.  Now more than one person can go into the room at once and now you don't have to stand in the doorway to use the ironing board.  I had to turn off the tv and log off of the computer to keep from getting distracted (something that happens a lot to me!!).

Saturday the Mr. and I cut down a tree in our backyard that had died.  Of course once you cut down the tree then you have to move all of the cut wood.  Not my favorite thing but we got it done.  Then we cut on big limb out of another dead tree in our yard just to keep it from getting blown out of the tree when it got windy later in the weekend.  Then I had to watch at least some of the Texas A&M vs Alabama game and what a game it was.  Alabama was ranked #1 in the SEC and A&M won the game.  I was afraid they weren't but in the end they pulled it out.  Very exciting because I really didn't think A&M would do as well as they have done in their first season in the SEC.  Yes, I was one of the doubters.  Also my alma mater. . . .Sam Houston State won their game!!  Eat'em up KATS!  Next week A&M will play Sam Houston. . . . . . .not excited about this game at all.  I won't both teams to win but unfortunately there has to be a loser and a winner.  We shall see what happens.

Today was a lazy Sunday.  We went to church, then out to lunch to eat some yummy mexican food and then home to be well, lazy!  I read for a while and then dozed for a while and then it was time for church.  When church was over at 6:00 pm it was around 80 and by the time we got to my Dad's house at around 6:30 or so it was 57.  FINALLY some more fall weather.  We will actually have two nights where the temps will be in the upper 30's.  So excited about the cooler weather. 

Well, that is it for tonight.  I hope you all have a great week.  I think I just saw a mouse run across my living room.  Oh joy.

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