Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Spirit

I was so ready to spend this week getting into the holiday spirit but I got sick last week and. . . . .I haven't been able to do anything.  Last Friday we went to pick out our Christmas tree.  This is something we almost always do with my Dad and sister.  This year we got a Frazier fir.  It is a beautiful tree but is has no scent at all.  I love the smell of Christmas trees so I am a little disappointed that ours doesn't have any smell.  Anyway, Saturday and Sunday it was in the 80's in these parts.  I had planned on getting my decorations out of the storage building so I could get started when I started feeling better because the end of the week had me feeling like I was getting a cold.  Friday night I went to bed and slept until 12:45 pm Saturday so I ended up spending my extra time Saturday at urgent care in the hopes that I could get rid of my yuckiness and the cough that I have had for over two months.  I am still waiting for a full night of sleep with no coughing!  Sunday I was still feeling pretty crummy so I stayed in the house.  Well wouldn't you know it. . . .Sunday night after a huge rain storm in which we got 3.1 inches (and there were NO puddles the next morning. . .that is how dry it is here) the temps dropped and dropped.  Monday morning it cold (in the lower 40's) with the wind blowing about 400 miles per hour.  Well, maybe only 30 to 40 miles per hour.  And it was very cool today also.  So I have been a good girl and have stayed in the house out of the storage buildings so my tree is still naked (and without any smell).  Hopefully tomorrow it will be warm enough that I can get outside for a little bit and do some Christmas work on this house!  Hopefully I will be successful tomorrow and will have some pictures to post.  Now my hubby is not feeling well so he will be at home with me tomorrow!

I hope you are finding the holiday spirit and that your family is staying healthy!

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