Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December. . . . . .catching up

I know that I have been a horrible blogger but there hasn't been much exciting going on around here.  We have been busy but it has been with boring stuff.  Here are some of the things that have been going on with us.

At the beginning of December we had our Annual Ladies Christmas party at the beautiful home of one of our ladies.  We had good food, good fellowship and got to spend the evening with good friends.  I ended up bringing home a set of three festive candles that I am using on my dining room table.  Here is a picture of the group.

Then I took some pictures of Santa so he could get his Christmas cards sent out.  The pictures turned out really neat and his cards were so cute.

Here comes Santa Claus!!

Then we had Christmas on the W side of our family.  It was nice to get to spend time with cousins, aunts, uncles, gmom, sisters, brother-in-law and my short people.  I got a vegetable slicer from my gmom and in the gift exchange I ended up with a Bath & Bodyworks air freshner for my truck.

The Thursday before school was over I headed over to my hubby's school for their Christmas lunch.  It was delicious and I enjoyed getting to see our friends.

Sunday night we had our annual Couples Christmas Party hosted by Mrs. H over at Heritage Schoolhouse.  We had a very nice time even though our group was much smaller this year we had some new attendees and we were able to talk and visit.  I ended up with a beautiful glass ornament with snowmen painted on it and a fabric candy cane.  The Mr. ended up with the best "white elephant" gift ever. . . . . which was a small fireproof safe.  We have talked about getting one forever and just haven't done it.  Now we don't have to!  We were able to keep up our tradition of being the first ones to arrive (this is the only time this ever happens) and the last to leave (gives us a little time to visit the Mr. & Mrs. H).

Christmas morning we had breakfast with my sister and Dad.  Dad cooked it all and it was good.  We have not had our Christmas with him yet because my sister and her family haven't gotten here yet.  Bec has been sick with a sinus infection, ear infection and pneumonia.  This morning her hubs went to the doc and he has the flu and possible strep.  Hoping the kiddos don't get it and that everyone gets better so they can come home so we can open presents!

Christmas afternoon and evening was spent with the in-laws.  We ate a mexican feast, watched a Big Bang Theory marathon, opened presents and then went for round two of food.  I got a giftcard from my sister & brother-in-law and a quilt from my in-laws.  The quilt was put to good use last night as the temps dipped down into the upper 20's.  The brother-in-law wasn't able to come because he is sick so hopefully he will be better by New Years and we will get to see him.

This morning we woke up to a very stopped up toilet so the hubs spent two hours getting that fixed. So far we haven't accomplished much else and it has been kind of nice to just vegetate for a while.  We spent the last days up until Christmas running around like crazy.  So crazy that I didn't finish the decorating I wanted to do until Monday evening.  I keep it simple this year because I didn't have a choice due to how far behind I was.  The only baking/crafting I have done was for my hubbies work friends.  I made Rae's Yum Yums and Christmas ornaments (which made a HUGE mess!).  Here are the decorations I ended up putting up.

The arrangement is one we received from my family on our baby's 5th birthday.  They had a matching one put on his grave.  The were both beautiful arrangements.
Well, that should have you caught up for now.  I will post more when we finish up celebrating!!  I hope that you have enjoyed your time with your family and friends.

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Donna said...

Sounds like a lot of fun activities for your family!

I loved the photos of Santa. :)



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