Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Growing up there were certain traditions that we always followed and I have turned it into one of our traditions.  Every year we would get would get a christmas ornament to hang on our tree for the next year.  Even when extras were not something we could afford, my Mom would snazz it up by putting the date or our name on it.  Mr. Giggles and I have bought a new ornament each year since we got married and I always make sure it has the date on it.  We always, always had a real tree.  After I got married we would go pick out our trees at Lowe's on Friday nights after dinner.  My hubs, Dad, RAW and I still do that.  And on Christmas morning my Mom and Dad would cook breakfast together, making her yummy breakfast casserole along with biscuits, little smokies, oj and milk.  Now my Dad still makes us the yummy breakfast.
I hope that one day the hubs and I will have kids of our own to continue and to create some new traditions.  I love Christmas!

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