Thursday, February 21, 2013


The hubs and I have been out of town this week because he had a conference and because I went just because!!!  On our way home this afternoon I came to the realization that I have had a lot of chicken this week.  Here is the rundown of my chicken intake. . . .
Monday before leaving town I ate three pieces of chicken fajita meat
1/2 way to our destination the hubs was hungry so we stopped at Sonic and shared some popcorn chicken
for dinner I had chicken taquitos
Tuesday for lunch I had bourbon chicken and for dinner I had chicken fajitas
Wednesday for lunch I had a Big Mac (no, this is not chicken and I am aware of that) and for dinner I had chicken fried chicken
Today for lunch I had chicken enchilada soup and a grilled chicken sandwich and for dinner chicken taquitos
This made me laugh so hard!!  I told the hubs that I DID NOT want chicken of any kind tomorrow.  We shall see how it goes!!
Tomorrow I will post some pictures from our trip and see if you can figure out where we went.
Hope you are having a great week!

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randarbie said...

I am so impressed by how much you remember!! I don't know what I had for breakfast! Maybe the chicken improves memory and I need to "eat mor chiken."



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