Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Spring and Other Stuff

Happy Spring friends.  We are having unusually warm and dry weather already.  To say that I am not looking forward to summer is a big understatement.  BUT I will not start complaining just yet.  Well, not much anyway!  I hope to get a few things done around the yard this week.  Keeping my fingers crossed!  I have  a couple of things that need planted and need to do some pruning (yes, I know I am behind but whats new!).

I have decided that I don't really have spring fever this year but I have found myself with baby fever.  I showed Mr. Giggles a picture of a cute little blue eyed boy from a blog I read and told him I wanted one.  His response was "I will run to Walmart and get you one".  Isn't it nice to have a comedian for a husband?  Anyway, I really want a baby (really two but not at the same time!). . . . . .

Tonight for dinner I tried a new recipe from the Pioneer Woman.  Mr. Giggles gave it 2 thumbs up (well, almost 2, he said it needed mushrooms).  I will try to post the recipe tomorrow.  It was easy and yummy.  No menu for this week.  It will pretty much be a fend for your self and leftovers week.  No reason. . .that is just how it worked out!

This season really makes me miss my Mom.  She loved working outside and always had the most beautiful looking flowerbeds and yard.  I miss asking her the names of flowers and trees.  I miss going to Walmart to get plants and the rock place to get mulch.  I just really miss my Mom.  Today I as I was driving home for the third time, I found myself thinking how hard it is to believe that she is really gone.  Yes, even after a year I have a hard time believing it.  Does that feeling ever go away?  It doesn't seem the same as when we lost Baby Giggles.  Maybe because I spent 39 years with my Mom and only got to carry Baby G for 5.5 months and hold him for a couple of hours.  I just don't know.  It's not fair.  I think about them both everyday and miss them both.  I cried myself to sleep last night.  I haven't done that in a few months. 

Well, I appear to be rambling and it is late and I am tired and I am sure that if you are still reading you are bored to death.  So, goodnight friends.

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