Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break Day 1

Ok, so I have a few pictures from our adventures today but I am too tired to get out of my recliner, walk to the other room, pick up my camera, and walk back.  We worked cows, hauled cows, made a trip to the coop and built some fence.  Even though it was a lot of work it was a good time because of those working with us.  My Dad, Aunt D, brother-in-law, sister Bec, cousin Camel and myself.  Now, we don't have a very big herd anymore, we have a bull and 14 momma cows and some babies.  But working cows requires a lot of walking and such.  My aunt, cousin and bil did a lot of the hard work.  At one point my cousin and I were hanging on the arm to close the squeeze chute to get it closed because our bull is so big.  Then it was my bil and I and then we were done with him.  Next we had to go to my Dad's house to get his bull and bring him down to my grandmother's were everything was set up.  He had not been loaded in a trailer except once and he had not been in the new pen my dad built over the weekend.  He went into the pen and loaded without incident.  Next we were going to unload in through the chute and then turn him around and bring him back to we could work on him.  Well, he got stuck between the trailer and the squeeze chute but he was such a good boy and got himself unstuck.  We were able to catch his head in the chute and got everything taken care of.  I told my Aunt that my Mom was whispering in his ear the whole time telling him not to give us a hard time!  Anyway, we kept three of the big heifers and got rid of one momma and three babes. 
We ate a quick lunch and then Dad and I headed out with the auction bound animals only to have a flat.  Yes, you read that correctly. . . .a flat. . . .on the trailer. . . .with four animals in the trailer.  Tire got changed and we were on our way.  Dropped off the cows and then headed to coop where we bought fencing supplies.  Went home and built fence with my Dad and aunt until dark.  I finally got to shower and eat supper around 10.  Tomorrow I am relaxing and taking care of my sunburned face!  I hope ya'll are having a great week.

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