Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mid Week

Yes, I know that the title of this post is so exciting but I couldn't think of anything else.  This hasn't been a very exciting week.  I have taught art two days this week and will do it again tomorrow.  Since there are no lesson plans, I get to do what I want so we are doing one of my favorite activities.  You have a bucket of adjectives, one of nouns and one of verbs and the kids draw one word from each bucket (and keep them in that order).  Then they have to draw the words they have.  One that I used as an example was polka-dotted bird skiing and another one was green lion sailing.  The 7th and 8th graders who did the assignment yesterday seemed to enjoy it (one of them even said that it was kind of fun).  I didn't dare tell them that it was an elementary activity!!  Tomorrow 3rd - 5th grade will be doing the same activity tomorrow.

Oh before I forget. . . .I tried out a new recipe this week from the Pioneer Woman.  It was really good.  I posted it on my cooking blog here or you can check it out at PW.  I haven't  tried too many of her recipes because they almost always have things that we don't keep in stock at our house but this one looked too good and too easy to pass up!!

Hope you're having a great week.  The weekend is getting closer!! 

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