Friday, March 25, 2011

First A Teen and Now A Tween!

Ten years ago today my favorite niece was born!  I remember going to the hospital for her birth and this time Mr. Giggles got to go with me.  The whole family was there and it was such an exciting day.  She was a little cutie and just like with her brother, I feel in love the first moment I saw her.  Her big brother was so proud and somewhere there are some really cute pictures of him holding her.  Memom and Gran were so excited to have another grandchild.  There was a time that she wouldn't have anything to do with me and would even scream if I got close to her (but of course she would just love on her Uncle Giggles. . . I prayed that one day she would love me as much as she loved him and she does).  Thankfully she got over that and then we missed two years of her young life while they lived in Georgia but we have made up for that!  Now she plays softball, wants to be in band, loves loves loves animals, has two dogs Shelby and Checkers, a hamster named Snowball and a fish named Scooter,  she loves her family and is always in a hurry to say "I love you more than you love me" (but sometimes we beat her!!) and misses her Memom.  Last night my sister said that after opening her presents Maddie Moo started crying and finally told them that she missed the phone call she always got from Memom and Gran singing Happy Birthday to her.  Totally broke my heart.  She is such a loving girl. 

Happy Birthday Maddie Moo.   We love you very very much!!

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Jennifer said...

So many birthday celebrations! What a treat to have your family so close be at births and everything! I certainly do miss that!


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