Thursday, March 3, 2011


 Yesterday I was overwhelmed by the pictures my friends sent to me of themselves wearing orange. It was great to see how special my Mom was to so many people. My Dad, sisters, G-mom and I spent some time at the cemetery visiting with each other and talking to my Mom.  These are the flowers my Dad, sister and G-mom brought to put at her grave.  My mom was very talented and floral arrangements was one thing that she loved doing. 
Arrangement on left from Dad and the right from RAW
Arrangement my sisters created
Dad's arrangement

All flowers

Pot plant from G-mom

Some sweet person randomly puts little items on Baby Giggles grave.  When I got to the cemetery, I found this cute little frog sitting in front of a little bouquet of purple flowers.  In the past they have left a rubber duck and a cute little chick.  It makes my heart happy to know that others remember our sweet baby (even though they never got to meet him).  I think I know who it is!
Baby Giggles little frog.

These beautiful flowers were sent to me by my cousin in memory of my Mom.

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