Friday, January 4, 2013


Well. . . . .2013 has been ok so far with the exception of the DIY project we started today and should finish tomorrow!!  Here is what has been happening so far in 2013.
New Year's Eve we spent the evening with my in-laws and ate good food and played The Big Bang Theory trivia game (my hubbies gift from the nephew and niece). New Year's Day we stayed in the house (never even unlocked the doors), snacked and watched movies.  The next day the hubs had to go into work for a few hours and I met my Dad and my little sister at Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  I had the fried apples, cheesy hashbrown casserole and a biscuit.  YUMMY!  I hadn't gotten our ornament for 2012 and I was afraid that I had waited too long but I stopped at Kohl's and got the last Hallmark ornament they had left.  It is so cute.  I would take a picture and post but I am being super lazy tonight!!  Thursday we went to the big city to eat lunch with the hubs Aunt and Uncle and then we did a little shopping and when I say a little I mean, we ended up at Big Lots and got some odds and ends that we needed and then headed back home.  And today we began a simple DIY project.  Hahahahahahahahhahahaha!  Our faucet in our bathroom has been leaking for a couple of years and recently it has gotten really bad.  Since I don't like the plumber my Gmom uses we decided that we could change the faucet ourselves and save her some dough.  Getting the faucet off was not going as planned and the hubs ended up having to pull out a rubber mallet to knock the faucet out of the hole which ended up (with the last tap of course) causing the sink to break.  So now the faucet and the sink needs to be replaced.  Tonight we (I really mean the hubs) got the new vanity, sink and faucet installed, turned on the water and the cold water line is leaking so we will have to go t Lowe's tomorrow.  And hopefully that will be the end of that project. 
So, that is what has been doing on in our part of the world for the last four days.  OH, I almost forgot. .  . . Texas A&M beat OU in the Cotton Bowl tonight!  GIG'EM AGGIES!!!  Tomorrow my alma mater Sam Houston plays North Dakata. . looking for bowl win # 2 for my teams!!

Happy, happy, happy in 2013!

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